A Saturday Walk on Southbank

After a slow start to the day I decided to head out and take some photos, initially I walked out the door unsure of where I might end up.

I first had the idea to visit the Thames barrier, but decided that it might be a bit far given that it was already 2:30pm. I decided to head to the old favourite - Southbank, between the London Eye and Blackfriars.

The weather was great, one of those autumn days that where the cold wind makes it feel closer to mid-winter but with occasional golden sunshine making it a little nicer for a long walk.

The tide was fairly low, so I was able to walk on the 'beach' next to the Thames, which certainly gives a unique perspective. Scroll down to have a look at the handful of shots that survived the post-walk photo cull/edit.

Photos on the way to IKEA

I've started taking my camera just about everywhere with me. The other day I took my super compact camera kit (Olympus OMD EM5 with the teeny tiny Panasonic 20mm f1.7 lens) on a little trip to IKEA. It was great chance to shoot a few photos during my epic journey to IKEA Croydon! I took 3 types of transport to get there and it was barely worth the trip for my minimal purchases.

I went on this little shopping expedition so that I could frame a print that I have had sitting around gathering dust for over a year! It's a stunning print by Dido Peshev, he makes individually drawn, limited edition screen prints for bands to sell at their shows. These bands are primarily in the Metal, Hardcore or heavier genre of music and the style of print oftens suits the music really well. He has a great instagram account or you can check out Bare Hands Society, a shop in Sofia Bulgaria that sells some of his work. I Purchased this signed print at one of the FINAL shows that Dillinger Escape Plan played in the UK before breaking up!

I've managed get a custom mount combined with with large cheap IKEA frame for only £32! You can get excellent custom sized mounts from a site like picframes.co.uk, you then can purchase a cheap frame from anywhere, IKEA offer some very cheap frames for the bigger sizes!

The Print

Here's a sneak peak of the print, I'll post a full photo when it's all mounted and framed.


I'm not super excited about any of the shots taken but I really like the colours and there's something about the quality of light on those crisp, cold, sunny winters' days that makes me feel like snapping shots in the all over the place. Most of these photos were taken during a little wander in the suburbs near the Phipps Bridge tram stop on the way to IKEA, a sizable photo frame and a very cheap IKEA hot dog.

The Gear I Used

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