This thing is new!

Hi there, I’m really interested in photography, video creation and imaging technology and i’m going to make all sorts of content about it! This site is primarily about that stuff, but also about the things worth recording, the important stuff like food, booze, art, music, live performance and all the great cultural stuff that goes on in a big city like London (my current home). I also love exploring the great outdoors so you’ll see natural landscapes and wilderness too and hopefully a whole lot of travel photography and videos.

I’ve just started experimenting with creating my own short videos, you can find these on my video page or subscribe now on Youtube! I’m very keen about the possibilities here, it’s such an exciting time to be someone creating content and telling big and small stories using photography and video.

You can contact me with this form, if you wish to collaborate on some fun photo/video/other creative project, i’m open to all suggestions!

Thanks for reading Heath