My name is Heath Gordon-McCall and I live in South London, I moved here from Sydney just over 5 years ago. I love food, travel and interesting technology along with photography of course. I also work as a web analyst on app and website analytics implementation.

What type of photography do I do?

I enjoy photographing live music and other events. another focus is photography featuring architecture, landscapes, food, products, travel and culture. I'm always searching for something unique to photograph and welcome the chance to help you produce images for your business or project, if you need help with a photography project please contact me.

If you wish to licence any of my photographs for commercial or editorial use then please take a look at my shutterstock profile.

About this website

Apart from being a portfolio of my photography this website also occasionally functions as a blog, a place for my honest opinions and even whole reviews of camera equipment and accessories. Read the blog here!

Affiliate links and my honest opinion

In order to keep this website running and contribute to the cost of my photography content I use affiliate links on some of my gear reviews - this does not effect the content of my reviews, if something is reviewed/featured on the blog then it is something that I wholeheartedly enjoy using and recommend.