A Saturday Walk on Southbank

After a slow start to the day I decided to head out and take some photos, initially I walked out the door unsure of where I might end up.

I first had the idea to visit the Thames barrier, but decided that it might be a bit far given that it was already 2:30pm. I decided to head to the old favourite - Southbank, between the London Eye and Blackfriars.

The weather was great, one of those autumn days that where the cold wind makes it feel closer to mid-winter but with occasional golden sunshine making it a little nicer for a long walk.

The tide was fairly low, so I was able to walk on the 'beach' next to the Thames, which certainly gives a unique perspective. Scroll down to have a look at the handful of shots that survived the post-walk photo cull/edit.

Goodbye Self-hosted Wordpress, Hello Squarespace

Hi there,

I am now using squarespace to host this site, I got a little tired of updating my server software, Wordpress version and all the other plugins, not to mention the overhead of developing a custom theme to suit my requirements.

The supposed blessing of taking COMPLETE control over your own website - like a self hosted Wordpress blog - is that you then are able, and therefore want to do everything yourself.

For months I have been meaning create custom gallery layout, edit my theme files to use a bootstrap layout. To be frank it’s all too much effort and I don’t have the time.

Time I should spend taking more photos.

Creating Time-lapse Videos

I have been experimenting with time-lapse videos for a while. It's been an interesting process, I've experienced many surprises with my end results as I don't yet have the experience to visualise the final video effectively. Many of these first time-lapse videos capture the movement of people and transport in busy central London. I'm also focusing on capturing those dramatic moving clouds and weather pattern videos that you see in the best time-lapse videos.

London Time-lapse Videos

One of the first time lapse sequences I shot after purchasing an Intervalometer for my camera was a video where I wanted to capture some of the energy of rush hour along with the change in light as the last bits of sunlight faded.

This one was captured from the East side of London Bridge on the South side of the Thames, It was taken looking west. I like the light changing and the travel of boats up and down the river although I would've liked to capture more distinct shapes of people walking along the bridge.

This one was one that I initially visualised as a long exposure photograph showing the streams of people going in and out of the Embankment tube station. I might try and create that still photograph in the summer when the days are longer, I'll probably need to purchase an ND filter before trying that one.

Unfortunately I seem to have gotten some slight shake throughout the series of photos that went into the time-lapse video :( I may have to invest in a more solid tripod at some point! I'm not sure that I really captured an interesting transition with this one, I feel that maybe longer exposure for each photo and a more interesting (higher up?) viewpoint might've helped?

I had some major issues with wind in this one, you can see the shake throughout the final video. It's a shame because the change in the colour of the sky and the movement of clouds is dramatic and really beautiful.

This series of photos was captured when looking west from the hill at the east end of Burgess park in South London, just near the large fishing pond.

Gear for Time-lapse Videos

There are many many ways to produce a time-lapse video, one of the easiest ways to produce a relatively high quality time-lapse is to use your phone. Apps like Hyperlapse (made by Instagram) and I used the following  equipment to create these time-lapse videos.

Olympus OMD EM5 (EM5 Mark ii now available!)

Panasonic 20mm f/1.7 (1st edition, the 2nd edition is also excellent!)

Olympus 45mm f/1.7

Aputure Intervalometer/remote release. If you want to pay lots more money you can get the original Olympus version.) - Also keep in mind that many newer cameras include an intervalometer in the built in functions - this generally gives you slightly less control of the time-lapse, but makes the process a little more streamlined and easy - producing a video file straight from camera, no need to render it using photoshop on you.